Our Services


Our firm offers clients a broad range of services including auditing, accounting, taxation, consultancy, business advisory, etc. In order to assist entrepreneurs in developing their business swiftly, our associated company provides a full range of company secretarial services (notably the incorporation of local and overseas companies).

Whether your company is just starting up or is on the verge of expanding, our firm can provide all the services you need for your company's growth.

Assurance and Business Advisory

For statutory audits or special audits, our aim is to provide an impartial opinion and to make recommendations as to how internal operations and results may be improved.

  • Auditing of the annual accounts of companies and their reporting in compliance with statutory and other relevant reporting requirements;
  • Evaluating the accounting and operational systems of companies, and providing advice on improvements for control systems thereon;
  • Providing advice to directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities;
  • Providing special audits for mergers, acquisitions, liquidation and litigation purposes;
  • Providing annual audits for NGOs and spent audits for grants / subsidies from the government, etc;
  • Providing audit for government fund.


Accounting information is important to owners of the business, prospective buyers, bankers, prospective partners, and investors. Without properly recorded accounting data, a business may not assess its performance accurately which could lead to users making wrong decisions.

  • Designing accounting systems and operations;
  • Recording accounting data using physical ledger books and/or using computerized accounting software;
  • Performing cashier services;
  • Preparing regular monthly, quarterly and/or yearly financial reports, etc.

Incorporation of companies

We provide a full range of secretarial services on the incorporation of companies, prepare and file annual returns, handle the transfer of shares, change of directors and/or secretary, and arrange meetings of directors or shareholders, etc.

  • Incorporation of Hong Kong limited companies;
  • Incorporation of overseas companies such as British Virgin Islands (BVI), Canada, Cayman Islands, etc;
  • Incorporation of China companies.

Company Secretarial

The company secretary is regarded as the chief administrative officer of the company, with the power to bind the company in matters dealing with administration. The company secretary is also an officer of the company, and therefore has an obligation to comply with all provisions under the Companies Ordinance

  • Acting as a company secretary;
  • Handling the transfer of shares;
  • Handling the Significant Controllers Register and acting as a Designated Representative;
  • Preparing and filing statutory forms and documents to the Companies Registry;
  • Providing a registered office, correspondence address, personal secretarial services, and meeting facilities for registered companies;
  • Providing clerical services such as handling specially assigned telephone lines, arranging meetings at our conference room, etc;


Our company offers a full range of business and personal taxation services which are designed to provide client-oriented solutions.

  • Acting as clients' tax representatives and preparing all types of tax returns such as profits tax, property tax, salaries tax, employer's returns, etc;
  • Tax planning and advice on companies and individuals to legally minimize tax liabilities from an overall perspective;
  • Tax planning on stamp duty;
  • Providing assistance in handling the Inland Revenue Department's inquiries, field audits, tax investigations and tax appeals, etc.

Litigation and Arbitration

We have a good working relationship with lawyers and arbitrators in different industries to provide a wide range of specific industrial skills. By combining these skills together with our expertise, every stage of the litigation / arbitration process can be run effectively.

  • Gathering, preparing and analyzing financial data and information for litigation and arbitration purposes;
  • Providing expert testimony from witnesses;
  • Performing forensic accounting;
  • Analyzing damages and loss of profits;
  • Performing economic and financial analysis, etc.

Management Consultancy

We are always there for our clients when they encounter problems outside their areas of knowledge when under a time constraint. Our expertise and experience can provide business advice on different aspects including financial management, information technology, etc.

  • Providing systems planning, development, implementation and improvement;
  • Soliciting and recruiting competent staff members for various levels;
  • Enhancing effectiveness of cost management;
  • Providing advice on different control systems including inventory, collection, and payments;
  • Assisting in setting up and putting into effect of reorganization plans of companies;
  • Assisting in application for grants / subsidies from the Government, etc.


In order to have an efficient and effective allocation of resources to core business functions, we provide different kinds of outsourcing services for our clients

  • Acting as rental agents;
  • Handling employees' information and payroll services;
  • Provide training to accounting staff;
  • Setting up Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes with service providers;
  • Payroll and MPF management;
  • Applying working visas for foreigners;
  • Applying for the Certificate of Resident Status with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department;
  • Information Technology.