C K Yau & Co (“CKY”) was formed by the late Mr. C K Yau, and shared an office with the Hong Kong School of Commerce (HKSC) at 50-54 Leighton Road Causeway Bay. Initially, there were only 5 clients.


The late Mr. C K Yau introduced the Association of International Accountants (AIA) from the UK to Hong Kong and formed AIA-Hong Kong Branch.


Relocation of office to The Bank of Canton Building (now No.9 Queen's Road Central).


Merged with H N Li & Co and the company was managed by Mr. Lau Man Sung and Mr. B K Chan as the late Mr. C K Yau was focused on the operation of HKSC.

The late Mr. C K Yau, jointly with other professional tax practitioners, formed the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK).

This was the last year practising certificates were issued to auditors under the Stamp Duty Ordinance Cap. 117, and thereafter by the Hong Kong Society of Accountants (HKSA) formed in 1973.


The office moved to Yue Shing Commercial Building, Queen Victoria Street, Central, where the HKSA office was then located in the same block.


The late Mr. C K Yau immigrated to Vancouver, Canada and Mr. W H Lam was engaged as signor for the firm. Ms. Lindy Yau was also practising in Mr. W H Lam's office before getting her practising certificate.


The firm was operated as a sole proprietor until Ms. Lindy Yau joined the firm as a partner in the year.


The office moved again to 17/F, Cantake House (now Pacific Place Three) in Wanchai. The late Mr. C K Yau left the partnership due to health reasons, leaving Ms. Lindy Yau as the sole practitioner.


Mr. Joseph Yau returned from Vancouver, Canada after having qualified as a Chartered Accountant to join the firm.


After three years of local working experience and in obtaining the local practising qualifications, Mr. Joseph Yau was admitted as a partner of the firm.


Mr. Joseph Yau formed the Certified Management Accountants Society of British Columbia, Canada (CMABC) - Hong Kong Branch and served to run its secretariat.


The office moved to 12/F of Hua Hsia Building in Wanchai which was later renamed (and remains so today) as Pico Tower. An opening ceremony was held.

Mr. Joseph Yau was elected as President of CMABC-HK Branch.


Merged with William M C Tong & Co in the year.


Mr. Joseph Yau was elected as the President of Society of Chinese Accountants and Auditors (SCAA).


Mr. K T Tam and Ms. Janice Leung were promoted as principals of the firm. Ms. April Ng was in charge of the company’s secretarial department and introduced CSA secretarial software to the company. Mr. Terence Mah was in charge of the accountancy and IT department, and strived to streamline the firm’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Mr. Joseph Yau was appointed as President of the Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians (HKIAAT).


The use of a main server to connect all computers and the firm’s website was developed.

Mr. Joseph Yau was awarded as the first Honorary member for HKIAAT.


The late Mr. C K Yau was named as an Honorary member of AIA at its HK Branch annual dinner.


During SARS, a temporary office was set up at HKSC King's Road Centre for contingency purposes whereby half of the manpower was moved there to continue operations.


Mr. Joseph Yau was honoured with FCMA of Canada for his dedication and contribution to the Society of Management Accountants of Canada.

We formed our own consultancy company in Shenzhen PRC under CEPA.


Merged with W H Lam & Company to form W H Lam & Partners CPA Limited which operated in Room 905-6 of Arion Commercial Building in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Mr. K T Tam and Ms. Janice Leung were promoted as directors of the firm. Mr. Terence Mah was promoted as director for our Administration and HR department, and at the same time, Ms. April Ng was promoted as director for our company’s secretarial department.


Our founder, the late Mr. C K Yau, deceased in the year.


Both companies worked together at 11-13/F Pico Tower, Wanchai, Hong Kong after renovation and a cocktail ceremony for the 45th anniversary was held.


Mr. Joseph Yau was elected as President of AIA-HK branch.

Joined the US-based The International Accounting Group (TIAG) to expand our international network with other accountants and lawyers.

Changed to an alternate Saturday work-week.


CKY was incorporated to continue the practice under the name of C K Yau & Partners CPA Limited.

HSBC and Hang Seng Bank granted our firm the status of Qualified Intermediary.


Our firm hosted the regional conference for TIAG in Hong Kong.


Our senior staff went for "Away Day" to determine our planning for future years, and from then on, to work with such objectives in mind.


Obtained the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence (HKACE) Award as one of the top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence.


Manpower Developer (MD) Award for SME was granted by the Employees Retraining Board (ERB).

Started our 5 day work-week.

After being granted with HKICPA Authorized Employer, ACCA Approved Employer, CPA Australia Employers' Club, we joined TIHK as Accredited Employer for CTA students.

To celebrate the firm's 50th anniversary, a trip to Taiwan was held for all staff and their families and friends, together with the firm’s Logo competition announcement for the 50th anniversary.


Mr. Joseph Yau, was elected as President of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong.

Ms. Lindy Yau retired from the practice but continued to serve as a Senior Consultant.


Mr. K T Tam and Ms. Janice Leung helped to host the TIAG International Conference in Hong Kong.


The former director, the late Mr. W H Lam, deceased in the year.


Introduced new incentive measures for staff, such as birthday leave and casual dressing on Fridays.


Revamped our website to reflect a new look for our firm.

Mr. Joseph Yau retired as the managing director in April 2019, but in a strategic move, continued to serve as a senior practising director. Meanwhile, Mr. K T Tam was appointed as the new managing director to continue navigating the firm and leading the younger team of qualified accountants in capturing new opportunities.

Ms. Annie Lai was promoted as a director of the Firm in January 2019.


Mr. Wilson Yau was promoted to director of the Firm in June 2020.

C.B. Wong & Co. merged its practice with our Firm on 1 July 2020. The synergy in sharing resources enabled the firm to provide more comprehensive, competitive and professional services.

The 12th Floor Office was renovated in July 2020 in order to provide a more comfortable.


Entered the 60th Anniversary. However, due to COVID-19, only a memoir was planned to prepare to commemorate the event.

For development in the Great Bay Area in China, Mr. Joseph Yau, as a CTA, obtained the approved taxation practising certificate in the Great Bay Area, and the Firm also joined the alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau accounting firms.


Launch of the memoir.