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C K Yau & Partners CPA Limited formerly known as C K Yau & Company which was established since 1962 and is a professional firm of Certified Public Accountants registered under the Professional Accountants Ordinance of Hong Kong.

The firm engages in providing professional services in audit assurance, taxation and business advisory, management consultancy and merger and acquisition with high degree of independence.

As one of the member firms of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), the firm possesses strong expertise with qualified chartered accountants and certified public accountants. The internal management conducts strict rules and disciplines and all working procedures have been standardized but with high degree of flexibility to cope with the dynamic changes in the commercial world. Our TIAG and TAG Law network has more than 160 member firms operating out of nearly 380 offices in almost 90 countries around the world providing services in public accountancy, taxation and law discipline.

Our clients are based worldwide including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Canada, United States of America, Australia and Europe. Our mission is to provide excellent and sincere worldwide expert services to all our clients. Given the strong support of our staff and the history of our firm, we are sure to grow with our clients in their worldwide developments.


International Secretaries Limited is one of our associated companies which was established in 1969 to assist entrepreneurs to develop their business and to provide superior and efficient services including incorporation of companies in Hong Kong, China and overseas; preparing and filing statutory forms and documents to the Companies Registry; arranging meetings for directors or shareholders; acting as nominee directors or shareholders, etc. From incorporation to liquidation, we provide full package services to our clients.



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