Hong Kong Taxation

Profits Tax

Persons, including corporations, partnerships, trustees and bodies of persons carrying on any trade, profession or business in Hong Kong are chargeable to tax on all profits (excluding profits arising from the sale of capital assets) arising in or derived from Hong Kong from such trade, profession or business. There is therefore no distinction made between residents and non-residents. No tax is levied on profits arising abroad, even if they are remitted to Hong Kong.

Details 2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021 2019/2020
Corporation and its unincorporated business 16.5% / 8.25%* 16.5% / 8.25%* 16.5% / 8.25%* 16.5% / 8.25%*
Individuals / Unincorporated 15% / 7.5%* 15% / 7.5%* 15% / 7.5%* 15% / 7.5%*

From 2003/04, trading profits and interest income from qualified debt instruments with a maturity period of seven years or more are exempted from profits tax. Those with maturity period of three years to less than seven years are eligible for a 50% concession on profits tax.

For sums such as royalties to non-resident person, 30% of the sums are deemed as assessable profits under Section 21A(1)(b) of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Persons who pay or credit such sums to non-resident persons are required to deduct from such sums sufficient amounts to settle the tax due to the IRD. Doing so may save the trouble of recovering the tax difference from the recipients at a later date.

*Profits tax rate for the first HK$2 million of profits of corporations / unincorporated business will be lowered to 8.25% / 7.5%.

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